Class 10th | CBSE Board-Syllabus

All of you know about the importance of class 10 in the career. So it is very important to prepare this year wisely. The quality of your preparation for 1st board examination will going to affect the grades you are going to receive as a result at the end of the academic year 2018-19. Here, the syllabus of class 10 - all subjects are described in brief, prescribed by the CBSE. For the better preparation, to cover all the topics, NCERT books are highly recommended.

Commerce | Syllabus

English_communicative | Syllabus

English_language_literature | Syllabus

Foundation of information tech | Syllabus

French | Syllabus

Hindi_a | Syllabus

Hindi_b | Syllabus

Home_science | Syllabus

Mathematics | Syllabus

Music | Syllabus

painting | Syllabus

Sanskrit | Syllabus

Science | Syllabus

Social_science | Syllabus