HTML Tutorial | Meta Tag

HTML meta element is used to give page description, keywords, author, and other metadata.

  • Metadata is used by browsers (how to display content), by search engines (keywords), and other web services.
  • It is recommended to use the meta data to increase the SEO (search engine optimization) of website.
  • meta element comes inside head section.

Define keywords for search engines:

   <meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,Javascript">

Define description for web page:

   <meta name="description" content="free tutorial of HTML">

Define author of a web page:

   <meta name="author" content="Ashwani Bansal">

Refresh web page in every"any value" seconds:

   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5">

Best Use:360p or more (480p or 720p)

Best Use:360p or more (480p or 720p)